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Paris School of Business was founded 25 years ago, in its International MBA incarnation, as the International Business School, with English-only taught programs, of the Pôle ESG (The Paris Schools of Management), a network of Business and Management Schools comprised of 6,500 students, located in the heart of Paris, making it the largest group of Business schools in Paris.

Pôle ESG was founded in 1975 as a private University, and the French speaking schools of Pôle ESG, all receive the highest possible recognition by the French State and are constantly and consistently ranked at the national level in the top tenth percentile.

Mission & Values

The core mission of Paris School of Business is to contribute to sustainable global economic wealth and social well-being by educating and training men and women from all over the world in becoming effective and socially responsible international business leaders and managers.

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PSB : Liste des formations

Bachelor de PSB

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

MSc de PSB

  • MSc in International Management

PSB : liste des MBA

  • MBA Arts & Cultural Management

  • MBA International

  • MBA Luxury & Fashion Management

Paris School of Business
35 Avenue Philippe Auguste
75011 Paris - (Académie de Paris)