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Thomas Eynaud, Freshman - Student Bachelor of Business Administration

The group projects experience in ABS, where I learnt international teambuilding, brain storming, analytical debriefing, task delegation, deadline submission and presenting with theoretical trade knowledge helped me to excel at work and climb the corporate ladder quickly. Furthermore, College environment was vibrant with regular events, student activities and Industrial talks. Office staff was warm & helpful when necessary. I am grateful to the management of ABS Paris, confidently endorse it and share alumni association.

•My name is Thomas Eynaud. I am freshman student who aims to get a BBA with a major in finance. When I joined the American Business School of Paris in September 2015, I would have never thought that I would be working right after the last day of the semester. At that time, I had a blurry vision of what was happening in the back offices of such a prestigious brand and felt really anxious about my interview. But following the pieces of advice from Pascale Ginet (Head of the career’s development of ABSParis) alongside with the ones given by my classmates, I managed to overcome all of this and I actually got the job.
So during my two months of winter holidays, I worked at the Galeries Lafayette as a dispersing officer (Responsable de Coffre). Basically, the tasks I was asked to do were to make sure that all funds were managed correctly, to count all the profits from the previous day, and to have an open dialog with other services of the company regarding the management of the safe deposit. As a student who wants to work in finance in the future, this job was a great opportunity. Not only had it given me some basic accounting experience, but also a better understanding of the functioning of an international retailing company. Moreover, I was able to talk to my manager about going back, and it turns out that I will be renewed this summer for two months and a half, with some days where I will be working at the accounting department.
At the end, I want to say that the American Business School of Paris was quickly able to find a part time job for me, while also being consistent regarding what I aspire to work on in the future. Because the school is working with Galeries Lafayette, I am able to match my studies’ calendar with my professional one. My working experience was far better from what I expected, regarding how to behave or what I was going to work on. Furthermore, the fact that I was working in such a big international company illustrates the fact that our school is really pushing us to have ambitions: As the motto says, THINK BIG!

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