Frequently Asked Question

Everyone has a different profile, area of interest & ambitions. There are some important steps in order to find your right school.

  • Choose your desired program
  • Identify your profile strength (Academics, Scores etc.)
  • Know your estimated investment budget (Fee for top schools ranges from 8 lacs INR to 60 lacs INR)
  • Make a list of top 5 schools as per your profile (Ask our counsellor)
  • Apply to these schools of your choice

Diplomeo assists in Business management, Science, Luxury, Brands, Fashion studies and etc. You need to identify your right program. There are courses related to General Management, Marketing, Finance, International Business, Food & Wine, Supply Chain, Big Data, Computer Science, Fashion, Luxury, Brand Management etc. Choose wisely.

  • Identify your AREA OF INTEREST (Field that motivates)
  • Identify where you want to work after 2-5 years
  • Match it with your current profile/skillsets
  • Employability Chances in France/Europe (Ask our Counsellor)